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Welcome to iWouldLove.Com!

iWouldLove.com was founded in 1999 based on an idea by Susan Mittmann. She complained that, though she loved getting gifts, people frequently got her things she didn't like or didn't need. She wanted a place to list her gift preferences and wishes, so her friends could be sure to get her something she liked. She told a group of friends about this, and they all agreed it was a great idea! Thus was born iWouldLove.com .

All of the founders live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and all are graduates of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), though graduation dates and majors vary wildly.


Rachel "mine all mine" Gollub - Owner

Rachel Gollub created the company and built the website, with the input of the other founders. Rachel lives in Mountain View.

Susan "idea rat" Mittmann - Visionary

This was all Susan's idea! She came up with the site, many of the features, and has overseen every step of the company. Susan lives in Palo Alto.

Eric "it doesn't work" Schell - Quality Manager

Eric has contributed to all the design decisions, and has been active in testing the site and streamlining it. Eric lives in Mountain View.

Jeremy "love bug" Gollub - Designer

Jeremy has also been very active in testing the site and filing "love bug reports". He has contributed a number of the features and long term plans for the site. Jeremy lives in Mountain View.

Harold "nice single Jewish guy" Zatz - Web Host and Administrator

Harold is hosting and administrating the site, and contributing to design discussions. And yes, he is single and looking. Harold lives in Mountain View.